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The Process Quality Assessment (PQA)

After importing the data in the Process Mining solution it’s time to check if the data imported are compliant with the process itself. So it’s good practice to make these checks and if necessary go back to the previous stage if the data needs to be altered again.

A PQA (Process Quality Assessment) is simply a way to provide the first Process Quality checks so as to ensure the Process analyzed makes sense.

So as a summary these are some questions, checks, and investigations we can perform beforehand:

  1. Simple Counts
    1. Checking the global number of Process Flows (Identifiers)
    2. Checking the global number of steps names
    3. Checking the unique number of steps per Process Flow (by counting the steps per process flow)
    4. The Data time range
    5. Min, Max and Average duration of the Process Flows
  2. Various other checks
    1. Checking First and Last steps (cut ?)
    2. Do we have a potential “Happy path” ?
    3. How many variations do we have ?
    4. Looking a the number of steps repetitions

(This is an non exhaustive list of checks)


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