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Trends analysis

Analyzing the behavior of a process is also a very interesting activity. Trends can provide a lot of information about the process itself as well as its future activity.

We can consider 3 kinds of trends:

  • Uptrends: An uptrend occurs when an indicator rises and continues to rise over a period.
  • Downtrends: Downtrend occurs when the indicators decline gradually over a period of time.
  • Sideways / horizontal Trend: In this case the indicators are statics (almost) and there are no real trends as they can increase and decrease (not so much) in the same period. 

It’s also possible to have several trends if we consider several periods:

In the example below the indicator has an horizontal trend until th 04/07/2016. After this milestone we have a clear downtrend :

Most of the time we analyze these indicators or metrics:

  • Number of Process flows
  • Number of events per Process
  • Duration
  • Cost
  • Harnessed by data attributes (from data import)
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