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The Process Marts

The process Mart is a concept derived from the Data Mart from the Business Intelligence area. The idea is quite the same – maybe a bit more simplest – and proposes to create different kinds of storage based on different data needs. We can have several Process Marts in a Process Warehouse. But what is exactly a Process Mart ?

“A Process Mart is a subject-oriented Process Mining area that stores and enable analysis on real process running information.”

Saying differently, a Process Mart provides a Process Flow facet: It’s one way of viewing the Process flow. 

A Process Flow has at least 2 dimensions : 

  1. The step or event dimension
  2. Date and Time dimension

Unfortunately we cannot really play with the Process Flow Identifier (even if sometimes it’s possible), but we can definitely change the way we manage the Step Names by adding or modifying this information. For example this information is sometimes divided into several categories (Steps categories) as the steps are organized and are already grouped, so it’s possible to add this information to the existing Step Name to change the granularity level of the Step Name. 

By changing the Step Name reference like this we can then have different facets of the same Process Flow. That will enable the analysis in different perspectives of the same process. In the example below, based on the same Process flow (same original dataset) we would be able to build to different facets (two Process Marts) of the same Process Flow:

Clearly the right one is more detailed than the left one because the granularity level has changed when we had changed the Step Name information.

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