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Loading a Process Mart

More than a technique the Process Mart is more a way of separating the duties, skills and works. By adopting this approach all the work on data (this stage) is performed by a specialized tool (like an ETL or a Data Preparation Tool), and we let to the Process Mining Solution the purpose of doing and managing the Process analysis. This separation of duties really helps as the skills and tools can and are most of the time different. It is also beneficial for an organizational point of view, as the resources (technical and/or human) are also different. 

We can distinguish these situations when building a Process Mart:

One Process MartSeveral Process Mart
One Data SourceEasy. May just need some basic Data transformationsIn order to provide several different views of the same Process flow
Several Data SourceMerging Data Sources + Doing Data Transformations with a dedicated ETLMore complex and may need governance and operation processes.

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