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CONTROL_M3: Verifying the Timestamp

Checking the existence

The screenshot below shows the NULL detection we must perform for the T-KEY (the field Date):

Table Profiling with Ataccama Data Quality Analyzer

Like the PFI-KEY and T-KEY, this field must not be empty. In the case above we have 1% of the Dataset with T-KEY as NULL.

We’ll have to see with the business user what to do with these 1% of records: 

  • Do we filter out these rows ?
  • Do we specify ourselves a fixed date (like the first or the latest one of the same Process Flow) ?
  • Do we have in the other fields another date and time we could use ?

Checking the unicity

Checking the unicity does not really make sense for this field. The only suspect point is when having too many duplicates. In this cas a business review may be necessary.

The Data format

As the date field can come from different data sources, they can also have different formats. Date formats are always a tricky part when managing data Integration, so profiling the date format is a great practice to ensure we’ll have an accurate date as the T-KEY.

As example ABBYY Timeline accepts these formats:

So checking we have our T-KEY field which respects these formats is a prerequisite.

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