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Controlling and Monitoring

All of the previous stages described before drive to a well-qualified discovery of the business process. We now have a great view of how the process is really performing. We are now somehow at the first stage of business improvement. Actions or remediations can then be decided and put in place. For example when the pain or the problem has been isolated and measured correctly it is possible to decide what to do in some steps on the process or why not in the global process itself.

Remediations like changing the process, setting up some training or doing some automation (or all of them) can be then decided in conjunctions of the discovery. Whatever has been decided, it’s then important to control that the corrections are persistent. Somehow the Project time is over, it’s now time to verify regularly that the actions make their positive effects. Here all the analysis and metrics which have been created during the analysis phases must be reused.

Why not create some monitoring operational dashboards, defining some proactive alerts, etc. ?

All of these tasks should also be managed by the Process Intelligence solution.

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