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The Qualification activity

Actually, the three first stages are totally dedicated to the qualification. They will help to have a global vision of what is really expected by the business. They will be led by leveraging meetings, discussions and all kinds of information gathering from the business. So it’s important to keep a trace on all these exchanges: that’s the purpose of the Project Charter.

Before all, and during all the qualification steps, let’s keep focus in the right direction, which is gather the more information as we can on:

  • The expected business outcomes. Sometimes the outcome is not clear when kicking off the project. The business may just want to improve his performance and costs comaring to the competition and not because he was able to identify an issue in his operations. In this case the analysis may start by a global overview of the operations and the process which belongs to each of those operations.
  • The business is managing one or several operations, but for each of these operations it’s possible to have many business processes in place. So what are these processes involved (and how do they perform ?). Do we have a good understanding on their usage ? do we have some metrics to measure their performance ? etc.
  • How could we get the needed data to analyze these processes ? Basic question but so important … A process can be analyzed by usgin the data it is generating. It’s a Data-driven approach, so it’s crucial to be able to get access to the data. Don’t worry the data always exists, it’s most of the time a question of, who could give an access to them.

The purpose of the ExYPro methodology is to always focus on these three pilars to provides all the necessary content to prepare and manage successfully the Process analysis. Without a clear idea of these three informations and a good understanding on how to they rely to each other, it’s fair to say the Process Mining project may drive to nowhere.

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