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The resources

The resources needed depend on the project size, the criticality and of course the agenda to deliver the project.

We can categorize the resources in 3 buckets:

  • The project team. Of course we’ll find the personas mentioned above in the team. But we may also find other member to extend it as we need for example:
    • More people per role as the scope is too large
    • More expertise in specific domains (for example if we have to get data from SAP it may be necessary to involve people from the SAP Team as well).
    • Employee from other business activities or services.
  • Of course the Team organization has to be set up and clearly communicated to the team and also to all the stakeholders in the company who may be involved in the project.
  • A Process solution which fits:
    • The project needs
    • The project team (especially the business users) skills
    • The agenda
    • The costs allocated to the project

Some Technical resources (like servers) may be required as well and depend on the Process Mining Solution. Also some other softwares may be required and have to be standardized and used by the overall team.

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