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The Project Charter Section

The main purposes of the project has been identified (pillar 1) and all the stakeholders should now be identified and aligned in one goal. It’s time to move forward and to detail the “Project what and how”. The summary below can appear as really basics information of course. However and even it looks like a basic activity it’s really important at this stage to be able to list and commit with the business to all of these points:

  • What business activity we want to improve, analyze or monitor ?
  • What kind of measure we need to put in place ? the nature of these measure can have a big impact of the nexts steps.
  • Who are the personas to reach out on the business side and on the project side/team ? so for that purpose we’ll need to identify the global project team and nominate pepole accordingly.
  • What kind of Project organization we’ll set up ? that’s a very good time to agree on the main milestones (agenda ?), who would be responsible for what and when ?
  • And, of course what are the deliverables ?

To be able to deliver this first part of the project charter it’s highly recpommanded to organize a business workshop with all the identified stakeholders.

Note : See here all the Project Charter information per stage

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