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The project agenda

Like each project  we need to define clearly the project agenda and all the important milestones. Also a list of deliverables will be listed and scheduled properly. This is the Project’s Manager role to organize these tasks and milestones and also to provide a clear agenda with the corresponding RACI.

Here are some examples of the main Project milestones we see most of the time for such project like this:

  • Uses Case defined and approved
    • Discovery Sessions
    • Analysis & Insight Sessions
    • Findings & Recommendations Documented
  • Formal Kickoff
  • Project alignment with all the stakeholders
    • LoB SME’s Identified 
    • CoE Roles Identified
    • Executive Sponsor Identified 
  • Project Kickoff
    • Training Completed 
    • Methodology Presented 
    • Process Intelligence Best Practices Presented 
  • Data Acquisition
    • Confirmation of access to the data (Connectivity, rights, etc.)
    • Data Requirements defined
    • Data Validation
    • Data Quality checked
  • Data loaded in the Process Mining Solution
    • Data Extracted 
    • Data Transformed 
    • Data loaded into Timeline Project 
  • Process Review with the Business
  • Validation of the Process ingested by the business
  • Metrics and KPIs measured & approved
  • Process Monitoring proposal
  • Final presentation (Results & Findings)

It’s important to notice after the planning is complete, Process Intelligence project implementation is most of the time agile and iterative. The project goals that have been set up will generate new questions and/or follow-up tasks. That’s one of the big characteristics of an exploration: each finding brings more questions!

This Process Intelligence path is intended to overlay the software optimization procedure. Of course, the terminology can be different, but the basic process will be to define the outcomes and the questions we may need to answer to have a better understanding of the process and more important how the metrics relate to the outcomes.

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