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The personas

Four key roles or personas (as one persona can cover several roles)  must be identified as they will have a major role in the next steps:

  1. The Executive sponsor: The Executive Sponsor is responsible for approving the initial project objectives and desired outcomes. He participates in the project kick-off meeting and is available to help the team in case of problems. The executive sponsor has the power to get what the project needs
  2. The Process Improvement Expert: The Process Improvement Expert has skills and experience in process improvement methodologies (Example: Lean Six sigma black belt). He has led or participated in successful cross-functional process improvement projects. He builds and steers the execution against the project plan.
  3. The Business Process Expert: Business process expertise is required throughout the project. Responsibilities include:​
    1. Assistance to the executive sponsor in determining the process and defining the objectives of the project
    2. Selection of key events to follow
    3. He knows what related data can also be informative​
  4. The Data Expert: He helps in understanding what fields to use, the source for each, and how to get access to that field for extraction into the Process Mining solution is critical for project success​. His role is key, especially at the beginning of the project. Project teams lacking ready access to data expertise often experience major delays​.

More than these previous key roles, other people are often involved. Depending on the organization it will be possible to meet other roles or personas like:

  • Process Owner
  • Process SME
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Leader
  • Application owner
  • System engineer
  • etc.

All these stakeholders are important to consider as they are all working in the overall Process ecosystem. The real complexity here will be to make them all work together as they don’t use to do that most of the time.

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