Who Am I ?

For more than 20 years, I have had the chance to accumulate a solid experience around various projects around integration (data & applications).
I have indeed worked in nine different companies which allowed me to adopt successively the vision of the service provider, the end customer and today the hat of the software publisher.

These various experiences have brought me a lot of facets in the fields of data and processes. This naturally led me to intervene in large-scale projects around the digitalization of business processes.

Passionate about AI (Machine Learning, NLP and Deep Learning) and also Process intelligence i’ve been trained at ESME Sudria (French Engineer school) and joined SS&C Blue Prism in 2019 as a Solution Consultant. I also published a (french) book in sept 2022 in which i try to explain all the data basics:

Lots of good things happend to me from here and i’m of course still working in this fantastic company ! I currently cover EMEA as Technology Alliance Partner, and in parallel act a lot as Process Intelligence SME. By this way i’m extremelly lucky to share my knowledges and skill in training my internal peers and also our best SI partners on how to leverage the Process Mining Solution all around the world.

Why i’m so passionate ? Quite simply because i think Process Intelligence is the perfect mariage between data, processes and people ! I love that idea and that’s in a way the ExYPro aim 😉

This methodology is in a way a collection of some of my knowledge, best practices and personal experiences. You can see it as a recipe on how to get the low hanging fruits of your process exploration initiative. I’m so happy to share all of that stuff with you and I see this site as a place for collaborating and popularizing computer technologies around data and process management. So don’t hesitate to let a comment or just participate on the discussion (forum).

Learning, arguing and sharing could be my mantra

Benoit Cayla